Recording a Personal Voicemail on an Extension

To access your voicemail on a PBX as a Service handset, please dial *123 and enter your PIN when prompted. Once logged in, simply follow the voice prompts.


If you are accessing a global or other user's mailbox, dial *124, then when prompted enter the mailbox number and PIN. Once logged in, simply follow the voice prompts.


Once you have logged into the Mailbox successfully follow the following prompts to record your personal voicemail:

Press 0 to access the Mailbox Advanced Options

Press 1 to Record Your Personal Voicemail

Record your message when prompted and when finished Press the # key

To playback your recording Press 2

To accept your recording Press 1

You can hangup now and call your extension to test and listen to your personal voicemail


If you are having issues dialling voicemail from a Cisco handset, where it only lets you dial the first 2 digits, please follow this guide to reconfigure your phone's dial plan:

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