Send Destination Number on Inbound Calls

This option changes whether the dialled number is sent to the device or not.  This extra information provides PBX and call routing systems with the information they need to know where to route the incoming call, but if sent to a stand-alone Phone can cause it to "get confused" which can lead to not ringing on inbound calls, displaying technical information on the screen instead of the caller ID and various other inconsistencies.


As a rule of thumb...

  • If the device you are connecting has multiple handsets and phone numbers associated with it, you will typically need to set this option to Yes.  
  • If you are connecting a single / stand-alone phone, you will need to choose No.


Some examples of specific device setting requirements...

Yes - Send Destination Number No - Do NOT Send Destination Number
PBX as a Service (PBXaaS) Single Cisco Phone
Cisco Call Manager Single CounterPath Bria / X-Lite
Lync / Office Communication Server (OCS) Single Smartphone / App (iPhone / Android)
Asterisk / Trixbox / etc. Single ATA (Analogue Adaptor)
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