Cisco SPA 504G Basic operations

Answering a call –

If you are using a headset, press the headphones button (next to the volume rocker) to answer

If you want to answer directly to loudspeaker, press the speaker icon.


Holding a call –

While on the phone with someone, press the hand icon to place that call on hold.

Resuming a call –

Press the red light corresponding to the line that is on hold to resume the call.


Calling from a second line while the first is holding –

Place caller 1 on hold (as above), then press the line key next to an available line (green light)


Answering a second line while on a call –

Place caller 1 on hold (as above), then press the flashing line key corresponding to the incoming call (flashing red light)


To transfer a call –

While on the line with a caller, press the xfer button (bottom right of the display). This will put the original caller on hold, and bring up the dial screen. Dial the extension number of the target party, once they’ve picked up, press xfer again. Hang up your handset and the transfer is complete.


To  begin a conference call –

While on the phone with the caller, press the conf button (under the screen), dial the number you would like to conference in. Once they’ve answered, press the conf button again to join the calls.


Checking your missed, received or placed calls –

Enter the phone’s menu using the button with a piece of paper, near the hold key. Navigate to call history, then select redial list for place calls, answered calls for received, or missed calls for unanswered calls.


Turning on your phone’s night switch –

While phone is idle, press the DND button (right hand context button) once. The screen will display Do Not Disturb. Returning your phone to the active state is done by pressing the button once more.

To remove the voicemail icon from lines and red light at the top of the phone –

Press the envelope icon, near the hold key, and your voicemail box will be dialled. Depending on your service, this will either be *123 or *199. Once you have deleted your voicemail, the line icons should clear automatically.

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