White Label Porting Process (Resellers)

White label porting requires that authorisation to port the number be passed from your customer to yourself, then from yourself to Neural.  Two forms are required in order to do this.


Please note that this process applies to "White Label" porting only - not standard porting.  If you are a reseller using Neural's White Label branding service, then this process applies to you - otherwise the standard porting process (which can be found on page 2 of the porting form) applies.


Step 1.

You will need to create your own branded porting form based off the template (located on the Neural Mirror), then send this to your customer to complete and sign, which will allow them to grant you authorisation to port the number.


Step 2.

Once you have the signed document from your customer, you must complete the Neural Branded version of the form (download available from the Neural Mirror: http://mirror.neural.net.au/Porting-Forms/), circling the capacity option at the bottom of the form as “Agent”, to grant us authorisation to port the number on your behalf.


Step 3.

Return both completed documents (in the same e-mail please) to porting@neural.com.au with the phone number in the subject line (see further details on the bottom of the form).

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