What are the differences between an SPA504G and an SPA525G2?

In summary the major advantages of the SPA525G2 are:

-          Built-in WiFi

-          Bluetooth (for headsets + mobile phones, works both ways)

-          Colour screen

-          Better compatibility with the SPA500S attendant console (supports up to two consoles per phone)

-          5 lines instead of 4

-          3 year warranty as opposed to 1 year with the 504G

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    David Swinton

    Hi Gordon,


    Yes, the SPA504 has a very similar web interface to the SPA525G2.  Functionality wise the only major differences are features found in the 525 that aren't in the 504, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, MP3, background pictures, etc.



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    Gordon Li

    the web configuration portal for SPA525G2 is awesome , is it same for SPA504?

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