Diverting your existing number while porting

It's a common practice to divert your existing number (for example, with Telstra or Optus) to a new temporary number while it's in the process of being ported.  This has the effect of allowing immediate access to the number from your services on our network, while providing a smooth transition when the number is ported across.



Warnings and Notices 


Potential Charges:  Please note that your existing provider may charge you a fee for diverting calls.


Caller ID: Diverted calls may not show the caller ID of the original caller - this will change once the port is complete and the redirect is no longer in effect.


Fax Services:  Diverted numbers are known to not work reliably for inbound faxing.  We do not recommend this process for fax numbers.



Diversion Steps 


Step 1 - Create temporary numbers

Order a temporary new number from the Portal.  If you're planning on porting more than one number, then you will need multiple of these temporary numbers.


Step 2 - Route temporary numbers

Configure the routing on these temporary numbers in the same way you plan to configure the ported numbers


[Stop here]  We recommend testing the temporary numbers are working as expected before proceeding.  This will avoid any unplanned interruption to your existing phone numbers


Step 3 - Put the redirect in place

From your existing phone service, dial *20# and follow the prompts.  

This particular code may be unavailable on some networks (such as Optus).  In this case, please use the code *78.

This should be done on every line / phone number to be diverted.  Keep in mind that if you have a hunt group (multiple incoming lines on the same number over PSTN) you will need to do this on each line - which *may* require you to plug an analouge phone directly the lines, one at a time, and run the divert feature code multiple times.


Step 4 - Test and verify

Upon calling your existing numbers, they should now be forwarded to your new service.



The temporary phone number divert is now in place

Next  you will need to update your routing configuration in the portal when your numbers have been ported across.  Once porting is complete, the ported numbers will show up on your number list.  

You may opt to release the temporary numbers once porting is completed and tested.

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