How long will my number port take?

Porting time varies depending on the complexity of the port, size of the number range, and technology the number is currently on (ISDN, rotary, etc.).

As a general rule, excepting any issues that may be encountered in the porting process (eg. incorrect details, incorrect lodgement type A/C, disconnected services etc.) the approximate time frame for ports are:


Category A (Single number, No complex services):

2-4 weeks from port submission confirmation


Category C (Number range, or Complex services):

4-6 weeks from port submission confirmation


The most common cause of the largest delays in porting is incorrect details.  Please make absolutely certain that details provided on the porting form are correct and match the details of the customers account with their previous provider.  If these do not match, the port will most likely fail.


Please contact us for an approximation of porting time required for a particular number or range of numbers.
Once a port is submitted, a more accurate ETA is usually provided within 3-5 business days.

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