Bria for iPhone and Android - Manual Configuration

Please follow these steps to manually attach your mobile's Bria client to your Neural service.


Download and install Bria from Google Play or the iTunes Store


Tap the Bria icon on your home screen or in the app drawer


Tap the gear icon, tap Preferences, then tick Enable Mobile Data

pref.jpg data.jpg

Navigate back to the Settings page and tap Advanced Settings. Enable Quality of Service

advanced.jpg qos.jpg

(Optional) Still in Advanced Settings, select Mobile Audio Codecs and enable GSM, G729, G711u & G711a, followed by WiFi Codecs, enabling G711u & G711a

codecs.jpg codec2.jpg

Navigate back to the settings page and select Accounts, then tap the + at the top right, followed by SIP (Generic)

accounts.jpg add.jpg sip.jpg

Enter the Account Name as Neural PBXaaS, and fill in the fields with details provided to you.

- Note: domain will be and username will be you 09xxxxx number


Tap Account Advanced, then change the Mobile Keep Alive Interval to 3


Finally, navigate back to the Accounts page and enable your Neural service


You can now make phone calls by going back to the main screen and tapping the phone icon.


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