What security precautions are in place?

We have the following in place:

-          On our call routers - 3 x failed logins = IP Ban at network edge

-          On our hosted pbx product – as above

-          Password security standard requirements on call routers

-          “Honeypot” servers at the beginning of our APNIC allocation – if anyone tries to authenticate or place a call against these servers it’s an instant IP ban at the network edge

-          “Disable international calls” option on each account you can set through https://voip.neural.net.au

-          Basic documentation provided to help you get started securing your own VoIP servers

-          Some high-risk international destinations are blocked on a per-country or per-region basis



Disabling international calling:



We provide the following tips for securing your own SIP servers:




Although all the above is in place, it does remain your responsibility to ensure that your own SIP and PBX server software is secure. 

We’re not responsible for any breaches of security on your software, VM’s or servers.  We recommend reading over our security tips document (above) and properly securing your VoIP software and infrastructure to prevent fraudulent calls making it through.

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