Asterisk Configuration Example

To configure asterisk 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 or 1.8 to connect to Neural's termination services, please use the following sample configuration:


1. Open /etc/asterisk/sip.conf


2. Under the [general] header add the following line:

register =>

Replacing 09XXXX with your username and PASSWORD with your password.  This is only required when using SIP registration - if you are using a direct IP trunk then this step should be skipped.


3. Add the following section to the bottom of the config file:


Replacing 09XXXX with your username and PASSWORD with your password.


Account type note:

It's important to ensure that the account your Asterisk box is using is configured as a trunk.  Check the KB for more information on how to do this.


Choosing codecs:

Alaw has better sound quality and jitter tolerance, however it uses more bandwidth than some alternatives (although still very little).  

g729 has better compression and allows more concurrent calls, however a license for the G729 codec may be required.  It is important to note that sound quality may be noticably degraded using this codec.

Ulaw may also be used if preferred, however our network native format is alaw - thus ulaw will be transcoded into alaw when it enters the network. 


Server Address:

Server Address Description Voice cluster 1 (primary) Voice cluster 2 (secondary) Load balancer between cr1 and cr2

We recommend registering to when using SIP registration.  

When using direct IP you will need to allow both cr1 and cr2 and should send outbound calls to by default.

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    This doesn't really make sense:

    If you say 'We recommend registering to when using SIP registration' how come the registration command in section 2 above uses


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    David Swinton

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for pointing this out - the article has been updated!


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    If I am only registering to as above, would I still receive incoming calls if cr0 failed? How would cr1 know my registration details?

    Thanks Mike

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    David Swinton

    Hi Mike,

    CR0 and CR1 have a shared registration database - if you register to one they will both have your details.  

    You will, of course, still need to allow the IP's of both in your ACL's.


    For high availability, a direct IP trunk would typically be the preference over using registration.



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