Setting Up Authentication in the SkyKick Portal

The first step in using SkyKick's scoping and qualification tool, is to provide the credentials of an active mailbox on the customer's source environment.


You will be prompted to verify the customer point of contact which will be pre-filled by the Office 365 Fast Lane wizard, however please double check this and the discovered settings before continuing.


Enter the Email password for an active (preferably administrator) account on the current mail system, then choose verify.


Check that your credentials have been validated successfully, as indicated by a green tick in the password field. If the person's username is different to their email address, click Show settings and enter the correct username.


If Skykick was unable to verify, you may need to manually specify the server settings. To do this, click Show Settings. Edit the options, as needed, to match the customer's source environment, then retry verification.

If you're unable to verify the source email credentials, please return to the Office 365 Fast Lane Wizard and select Qualification Failed. This will show you additional options to work through the migration. 


Once verification has completed successfully, as shown above, please click next step in the Skykick Planner.


You will now be prompted for the Office 365 credentials. These are available in the Email Service Login and Qualification step of the Office 365 Fast Lane Wizard, as shown below


In the SkyKick Planner, select the option for Yes, I have already created an Office 365 Account, then copy paste the credentials from the wizard.


Please click next step in the Skykick Planner.


At this stage, please do not make any changes on the Review Accounts page in SkyKick Planner.

Return to the Office 365 Fast Lane wizard, and select the outcome of your qualification.


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