Completing the "Review Accounts" page in the Skykick Portal

At the completion of the following, please ensure you select 'Save for Later', rather than Next Step in the SkyKick Planner.



The scoping tool will use the credentials provided to discover the mailboxes, groups and shared resources in the source environment. When done, you will be presented with a list of discovered mailboxes. Using the dropdown boxes, select the desired license type for each mailbox.


License types are abbreviated, where BE is Business Essentials, BP is Business Premium, EO1 is Exchange Online Plan 1, etc.

If the discovery has missed any mailboxes, you can manually add these by clicking add-new.png, then filling in the mailbox details.


If you need to make advanced changes to mailboxes, please select Switch to Advanced View.


Advanced view allows you to perform bulk actions, disable mailbox migration for specific mailboxes, convert mailboxes to shared resources at migration time, or to change the destination mailbox name. To perform these changes, check the box corresponding to the mailbox/es you wish to edit, then click the pencil-new.PNG.


If your customer uses multiple domains, for example, with a secondary domain of, select the add-new.png icon in the Domains section.


You will be prompted to enter the domain name. If you're adding an additional migration source, you will be prompted to enter the credentials of a valid and active email account on the alternate domain.

You can use SkyKick to setup Public Folders and Distribution Groups so they're in place at cutover time. To add these elements, click the add-new.png button that corresponds to what you wish to add and fill in the details in the corresponding popup.

Finally, select the desired migration date by clicking on the Date field, then selecting your dates from the popup.


Notification Start is when Skykick will begin notifying users of the upcoming changes, and cutover date is the migration target date. Note that, while this is a required field, you can modify these dates at any time.

Once you’ve selected your licenses, save your migration and return to the Office 365 Fast Lane wizard.


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