SkyKick Introduction

What is SkyKick?

SkyKick is a comprehensive, automated migration tool for Office 365. It takes you through the entire process of migrating your customers e-mail from another service to Office 365.

As a Pre-sales tool, SkyKick can:

  • Scan your customers existing e-mail environment to scope their requirements
  • Provide recommendations for Office 365 services, to assist you in quoting your customer
  • Qualify your customers existing service for automated Office 365 migration with SkyKick
...and the best part is - Skykick as absolutely FREE to use as a pre-sales tool. Charges only apply if you proceed with the migration. This makes it a fantastic tool to utilise as part of your lead handling process for any Office 365 opportunities.

As a Migration and Implementation tool, SkyKick can:

  • Migrate your customers e-mails, contacts, calanders and other data
  • Automatically configure your customers Outlook software to connect to their new Office 365 service
  • "Catch" any e-mails landing on the customers previous e-mail service during the migration and sync them to their Office 365
  • Assist with re-configuration of the customers DNS settings to connect to Office 365 (or in some cases do it completely automatically)
Learn more about Skykick migration on the SkyKick website

Where can I find training materials for SkyKick?

We have a fantastic video guide available on YouTube to help you get started, as well as an extensive knowledge base to help you along the way. This video will walk you through the entire process of getting set up with SkyKick, as well as migrating your first customer.

SkyKick Migration Video Guide

Learn more about SkyKick in our Knowledge Base:

SkyKick specific knowledge base articles
All Office 365 knowledge base articles

Our support team can provide you with assistance with SkyKick pre-qualifiactions, as well as limited support with migrations. In addition, once you order a migration, SkyKick provides a helpdesk to assist both you and your customers through the migration process (not available on data only migration).

How much does it cost?

SkyKick migration only costs money when you actually submit an order for a migration. Getting set up as a SkyKick partner and even using SkyKick as a quoting and qualification tool is free of charge. Skykick clearly indicates when charges will be incurred, so you can rest assured there won't be any bill shock! Migration costs depend on the package chosen and the number of seats. A full price list of migration options is available in the PriceBook tab of MyCloud Portal.

SkyKick is provided to you as a wholesale service, so your Skykick charges (both retail and wholesale) will bill in the same way as the other wholesale services we provide.
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