Office 365 - New or Existing Service

The customer does not currently have an Office 365 Service

Select this option if the customer either has no e-mail service, or their existing e-mail service is not an Office 365 service.  


This customer already has Office 365

Select this option if the customer is currently using Office 365, or if you have already set up an Office 365 service for them.



How to check if a domain is already on Office 365

You can use MXToolbox to check the location of a current domain. To do so, go to and enter the customer's domain name, then click MX Lookup.

If your customer is already on Office 365, their MX record will return (domain), and MX toolbox will indicate Office 365 as the email service provider.



If in doubt

If you're unsure whether your customer is currently using Office 365, continue through the steps for SkyKick migration. During this process, SkyKick will investigate the customer's current environment and advise if they're already on Office 365.

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