Porting Your Number

In order to utilise your existing phone numbers on our Business VoIP and PBX services, it is necessary to port your number across to us.

To do so, please login to the VoIP webApp, select the phone numbers tab, then select Port an Existing Phone Number.



Please carefully read the terms and, when done, choose I Understand and Accept, Proceed to Porting Form.


Fill out the customer's details for the number you wish to port. Note that this must match the details on record with the existing carrier.

In section 4, for the Phone Number Listing, please select the appropriate button/s for the number/s you wish to port, and enter the details in the fields provided. You can add additional numbers in the same category by selecting the button again.



Single Number (Cat A) is a simple port, where the number has no additional services or associated numbers.

Single Number (Cat C) is a complex port, which may be required for certain providers, or where there is attached services (eg. ISDN, fax duet). Complex ports may take longer to process and incur a higher cost, which you can see in your PriceBook in Portal.


Ensure you have read and understood the terms, and select the appropriate check boxes.

Extended authorisation allows a member of our team to modify the port, after liasing with you, in order to complete the port. Without this authorisation, it may be necessary for you to lodge a new port for any modifications.


Finally, select the account this number will be added to, once the port completes, along with the contact for this number port. We recommend setting the contact to yourself.


Once submitted, a number port order will be created. You can track this port from Portal, under the Orders section. Any updates will be passed through this order.

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